Skype Translator Adds Chinese and Italian

The Skype Translator has been used by a number of people in its limited run, and has been an overall winner according to them. It has been limited to English and Spanish, and that was just in phase one. On Wednesday, Skype added Mandarin Chinese and Italian to its languages and this should be fun.

Skype Translator allows for almost real-time translations between individuals, and has been rolled out to users in a beta back in December 2014. This is just in a limited preview so far, and Microsoft announced new preview updates for those invited users, making Skype Translator even better.

Microsoft's Skype Translator Adds Mandarin Chinese and Italian

Mandarin and Italian Language Additions

In its Skype Blog post, engineers talk about how difficult it was to add Manadarin Chinese to Skype Translator. As Mandarin has over 10,000 characters and multiple tones, it easily is one of the hardest languages to learn. Now, users can try it out in the new preview, and communicate with Chinese partners and more.

Italian is the second language added, and this was one of the most requested languages according to Skype. They had a strong amount of feedback and requests for Italian, and perhaps because of its populuarity and maybe because its the language of love. Either way, Italian is now included in the latest preview.

Microsoft's Skype Translator Adds Italian as Second Language

Other Bug Fixes

Skype has also added a number of bug fixes to the latest preview of Skype Translator. It includes the ability to hear instant messages people send, in the language of your choice. Additionally, continuous text recognition, automatic volume control, and muting the translated voice has been added.

Microsoft’s engineers stated that other languages coming will be Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Maya, and Otomi to their instant messaging languages. It is something that will hopefully power communicating the world, and with over 300 million Skype users, it has a great future to go with Skype and Skype Translator.

I’ve seen Skype Translator in use and its great. I’m still waiting on an invite, so anyone at Skype, please call me.

Published: Saturday, April 11th, 2015 Last Modified: April 11, 2015

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