Skype Suffers Major Outage On Monday But Fixed

Skype is one of those products from Microsoft that rarely suffers from service outages, but when it does, it affects millions of users globally. On Monday, Skype suffered one of these outages, and it affected Skype’s global users for a few hours on Monday.

Skype users noticed errors connecting to the service in the early hours of the morning, and Skype immediately posted an update regarding the outage. They feverously were working on a solution and by the middle of the afternoon, broughts Skype up to 100%.

Skype's Heartbeat Page Goes Crazy With Monday's Outage

What Happened?

Skype on Monday morning issued a statement about the outage, that affected a great number of users across the globe. They noted that the outage had to do with the status setting of Skype. Users who were affected, weren’t able to change their status and appear offline.

Users who appear offline generally speaking are invisible to Skype, and leaves users in the blind. Skype’s web version of Skype though worked without any problems, and people migrated to the web version. They eventually fixed it and pleased its users.

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How Did Skype Get Fixed?

Microsoft and Skype issued joint comments on Monday, and stated that they identified a network issue that prevented users from logging in and using Skype today. They reconnected users, and were working on full service reconnection by the end of the day.

Some users still haven’t been reconnected to Skype by the end of today, and those affected are somewhat having problems, but in limited amounts. This type of outage is bad for Skype, and especially since Skype is run now in the cloud, based on Azure.

Skype had problems for sure on Monday. It’s fixed for the most part, but did cause a lot of headaches today.

Published: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015 Last Modified: September 22, 2015

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