Skype Retires Modern Desktop Application For Windows Users

Skype is an application in constant change, and is always looking to give users the most efficient and working experience that they can deliver. On Thursday, Skype announced that starting on July 7, they will retire the modern Skype application for the Windows modern application.

With the Windows 10 date appraoching in less than two months, Microsoft and Skype want to give users a unified experience with Skype, and make it optimized for mouse and keyboards at the same time. Rather than have two applications, now they can have one to deliver.

Microsoft To Make Skype Windows Modern Application Rule

Benefits Of Skype For Windows Desktop

In its reasoning for retiring the desktop application, Skype started that the Skype for Windows Desktop app helped them efficiently navigate. Since its all in one window, notifications, multiple conversations, and a full contact list are available in one screen without scrolling.

Additionally, the Skype for Windows desktop app comes with great features that help users get things done quicker. Between group video callings, screen sharing, and translation features, it helps users all over the globe. It is a simple move that will work out fine for users.

Microsoft To Retire Windows Desktop Skype Application

What Happens?

In its blog post, Microsoft stated that the desktop application will still be available until July 7. After that date, users will be automatically directed to the desktop application, and users can login to the Skype application using their Skype username and password, or Microsoft credentials.

Additionally in its blog post, Skype mentioned that they will be building Skype into messaging and Skype video into Windows 10 later this year. The apps will be rolled out during the year, and Skype and Microsoft will be soliciting feedback from users to see their interest and feedback.

Skype is constantly changing. It now comes with one app to rule all on Windows.

Published: Friday, June 12th, 2015 Last Modified: June 12, 2015

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