Skype Releases Skype Translator To All

The Skype Translator product was debuted over a year ago, and got lots of interest from users around the globe. It was released in a limited preview and beta app, and continued to grow. On Thursday, the preview became an official product from Skype.

Skype On Thursday released the official version of Skype Translator on Windows 10. It will cover six voice languages, and give users the ability to communicate with each other, easier than ever, plus with more messaging languages available.

Microsoft's Skype Releases Video Detailing How To Set Up Skype Translator

Inside Skype Translator

The Skype Translator product comes with six languages including: English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, and Spanish. It will also includew over 50 messaging languages into Skype for Windows desktop app, which should please many users.

Skype is showing this off as world-class machine learning technology, and it works amazingly well for a young product. Reviews have been incredible so far, and I’ve used the product in the six languages, and it works wonderfully.

Microsoft Shows New Skype Desktop App With Skype Translator

How and When To Get It

Microsoft stated that the new Skype Translator will be available over the next few weeks. The updated app will include new Skype Translator icons when ready to use, and users will then be able to use it right away from Skype.

Skype at the same time is offering users a lot of support with the product, and giving them forums, community feedback, and social media channels to ask questions. It’s a brand new product, and Skype wants to make it right for users to use.

Skype Translator should be available very soon to use. I’ve used the preview, and love it.

Published: Monday, October 5th, 2015 Last Modified: October 5, 2015

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