Skype Message Sync Problems Finally Fixed

Users of Skype for the longest period of time have had to deal with Skype messages not properly synced across devices. But on Thursday, Microsoft and Skype finally issued fixes that should fix this syncing problem across multiple devices, and should please many Skype users.

The fixes as issued by Skype on Thursday brings conversations in sync with Skype as users use it on multiple devices. This was considered a very highly reported problem by many users, and a concern that Microsoft and Skype was aware of, but the fix finally been delivered.

Microsoft Rolls Out Skype Message Sync Fixes Finally

The Skype Message Sync Fix

The update was available to users across the globe, and should help improve the push notification sync problems in Skype. Skype notes that they have been pushing various updates across the mobile and Windows devices in past weeks, and will help those who suffer from multiple device syncing problems.

The fixes will require users to be running the latest Skype client on their mobile, phone, or desktop device. The problems of the syncing mainly dealt with problems with the internal functioning of Skype across their peer-to-peer networks. The upgrade to the cloud-powered services and Azure enterprise level services will give it more stability as well.

Mobile Fixes And Bug Fixes Highlight Skype Updates By Microsoft

Other Skype Fixes Noted

With today’s major Skype updates, Skype also improved their apps with performance and bug fixes. Users have complained about battery drain with the Skype app on mobile devices, and this has also been addressed. The changes will help those who run Skype all the time, and should slow down the number of errors and problems with the app.

The moves to fix Skype is an important one for Microsoft and Skype. Battery drain is a major concern for those who use it on their phones and tablets, and by giving them a fixed Skype client, they can use it more. Skype is a major feature of Windows 8.1 and more, and this should give users more time to use Skype when mobile and more. Between the messaging sync fixes and bug fixes, Skype has become much more useful for many around the globe.

The fixes by Microsoft for the Skype client were needed and finally delivered. Skype message syncing has been a pain, but now it works properly.

Published: Friday, February 14th, 2014 Last Modified: February 14, 2014

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