Skype Makes Sending and Sharing Files Easier

While many users currently use Skype to communicate either via word, phone, or video calling, sending and receiving files is something that still remains low on users priority lists. On Friday, Microsoft and Skype went through a list of ways that show how to make sending and sharing files easier on Skype.

When users are looking to send and receive files to one another, Skype is actually one of the easiest ways to send files. It creates a one-on-one file transfer, and allows for instant file transfers. Making it somewhat safer that email, Skype’s file transfer system is worth checking out.

Microsoft Shows Skype Users The Ease Of File Transfer

Drag and Drop & Receiving Files Automatically

One of the most easiest ways to transfer files to another person on Skype is via the drag and drop method. Skype showed this off in their post, and all it takes it to select the contact, drag and drop the file onto the taskbar, and there it is. This is by far one of the easiest ways.

Users can also receive files automatically via Skype, and this method allows people to receive messages, pictures, Word files, and more without a ton of effort. It doesn’t take large files, but it makes it easy. One can go into the IM & SMS advanced settings to enable this in their Skype settings.

Microsoft HIghlights Picture Previews In Skype Instant Messages

Previewing Pictures In Instant Messages

Third, Skype then showed off the ability to see previews of photos sent and received in their instant messages. Now, users will not have to open dozens or hundreds of images with unknown file names, and go searching for a photo they got last week. This is available for all Skype platforms.

Skype in going this is showing off that Skype can be used for more than just instant messages, phone calls, and video calls. File transfers are very easy to do with Skype, and almost anyone can do it. Try it out with a friend of business colleague, and you will be shocked how easy it is.

Skype and file transfers are a great thing. I use it daily, and love it.

Published: Monday, June 15th, 2015 Last Modified: June 15, 2015

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