Skype Makes Free Group Calling Available For All

Skype has continued to be one of the most popular free programs across the web, and until recently, group video calling has been a Skype premium offering only. On Monday, Microsoft announced that group video calling would be available to all, which will make many happy.

While making Skype Group Video Calling free means less revenue for the Skype Premium product from Microsoft, it means more will use it. This free update to Skype will be available on the PC, Mac, and Xbox One. These updates are available now for use by all.

Microsoft Makes Skype Group Video Calling Free For All

How Skype Video Calling Works

With Skype Video Calling, it enables a group of people to communicate in video calls at a moments notice. It’s perfect for group gatherings, family meetings, and business meetings for a lot of people. It has been a very widely used product by Skype users, but making it free will only make it more popular.

Users will be able to download the update of the Skype client across their PC, Mac, and Xbox One devices, and it will be enabled right away. This group video calling feature will let any number of Skype users to communicate at the same time, and make video group calling more useful in today’s communications world.

Microsoft Lets Groups and Families Gather On Skype Video Calling For Free

Why Make It Free?

Many argue that by making this upgraded feature free, Microsoft will lose subscribers to their Skype Premium product. Yes, it will cost the company revenue, but the company is also looking to make that up in purchases of Skype credit and other Microsoft features. It means that groups can gather 24/7 on Skype, and for free.

While the PC, Mac, and Xbox One clients have gotten the free upgrade, Android users have been left out for the time being. Microsoft is making the updates to other clients available at a later date, and will surely give them the Skype video calling update as well. It should make millions of Skype users happy, and make Skype more useful than ever from Microsoft. It is free, and now available to use at a moments notice anywhere in the world.

This is a powerful free update for Skype. Many have wanted it, and now group video calling is free.

Published: Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 Last Modified: April 29, 2014

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