Skype Maintains Status For Windows 10 Top App

Those who communicate with friends, colleagues, business partners and others often use Windows 10 and its main app Skype to do it. Many have wondered if Skype still has it for users, and on Windows 10 Skype is still a dominating app.

Since the first major update of Windows 10, Microsoft’s main goal was to integrate Skype deeply into the operating system. But, even if users aren’t buying that integration, the Windows 10 Skype app is still a must have app on their desktops & tablets.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Skype App Enables Communications For All

Free and Easy For Businesses

One of Skype’s biggest features has been the free communications between Skype users. On Windows 10, Skype features group video calling, and that is amazing for families and businesses. It’s free calling and inexpensive subscription plans mean users use it by the day.

Businesses have quickly installed the latest Skype for Business across their Windows 10 business machines as well. It’s migration from Lync to Skype for Business scared some, but it’s gone very well for businesses to use. This only helps the Skype brand.

Skype Translator On Windows 10 Gives Easy Translation Tools To All

Moji’s and Translator

In the past year, Skype rolled out support for Moji’s on Windows 10, and while it sounds trivial to some, they are used by the boatload. Sending someone a song or movie moji makes it fun, and adds to the Skype experience.

Skype also has integrated its Translator service into the app, and this instant translation tool gives users from seven languages ways to speak with each other for free. someone from China can talk with someone from the US, and not be scared by not understanding them. It’s a global success for Skype.

Windows 10 and Skype are great products that go together. If you haven’t sent a moji or done translating, it’s worth trying out.

Published: Thursday, February 11th, 2016 Last Modified: February 11, 2016

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