Skype Launches 10th Anniversary Questions For Users

To mark its 10th anniversary, Skype on their blog post threw up 10 of the most common questions that users have when using the service. While this might sound elementary to some experienced users, with Skype gaining more and more users daily, the 10 questions should give users answers.

With the integration of Skype into, Skype posted these answers to 10 common questions about Skype. Matthew de Beer of Skype noted that he will be rollout out more tips and tricks to users on the Skype blog, but these questions cover the whole range of topics for Skype.


Finding Friends & Contacts

One of the first questions was about adding contacts to Skype. The easy search by Skype name, then by email address, and then by name is aimed to make it the easiest. If users know the phone number of the person, they can also input that if they have Skype Credit.

Using Skype and Audio Settings

By downloading Skype, creating an account, and adding contacts, users can start using Skype. Diagnosing audio tips were listed on the tips, and notes surrounding finishing calls on mobile devices were noted as well.

Video Connection Settings

By turning on the device on and off, it can help video settings when using Skype. Also making sure the webcam is plugged in helps as well. Additional video troubleshooting tips also were noted on the blog post by Skype. Video and audio connection problems are listed as the most common problems when using Skype, and they made sure to note fixes on the site.

Resetting Passwords and Other Items

Other topics relating to resetting passwords, having better quality calls, which devices can use Skype, and accessing Skype support were also listed. Links to social media and Facebook pages for Skype were listed lastly on the blog post.

The list of tips and tricks for Skype are very valuable for new Skype users, and a good refresher for those who use Skype on a daily basis. By making sure that audio and video settings are optimized, and being able to access people in your contact list quickly, Skype can be used efficiently and used whenever you need.

Published: Monday, August 26th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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