Skype Issues Update To Potential Major Crash Bug

Skype has been a platform that has relatively been safe from malware, exploits, and major bugs, and that is what has made is successful. But in the past few days, researches found a potential dangerous bug in Skype, that would cause it to crash and fail upon sign-in. On Thursday, Skype fixed this bug.

The bug was reported across the tech sites early in the week, and into Thursday. Skype issued quick comments that they would be fixing it, and issued fixes on their download page on Thursday. The bug hit the Skype platform on Windows, Android, iOS, and some alternative versions of it.

Microsoft's Skype Hit With Crash Bug Noticed By Venturebeat In Pic

What Was The Bug? Do Not Try!

First, we want to state that if you have not patched Skype, don’t try it. The bug revolved around when the characters “http://:” were typed into Skype. This combination of eight characters would cause Skype to crash, and then crash again when the user relaunched Skype. It caused panic on Skype.

The bug was posted on the Skype Community forms by a user by the name of Giperion, and became escalated at Skype to fix quickly. This was striking users everywhere when they read about the bug, as naturally they tried it, and crashed Skype. Skype became aware and provided a resolution on Thursday.

Microsoft Issues Bug Fix To Skype Within 24 Hours Of Skype Bug Emergency

Fix Installed

Skype on Wednesday, fixed this character bug on all of its platforms, and is filtering out the characters in the software. It took them less than 24 hours to fix it, and posted more in their Community Forums on the fix. Users are encouraged to download the latest version, and it should fix it.

Users on Windows though are still noticing the offending characters in Skype, but it doesn’t affect the Skype window at all. More often, Skype fixed something on their backend services to adjust to these characters, and updated Skype’s internals. It’s a quick fix, and one that needed it quickly.

Skype is fixed and all is good. Again, get the latest download to avoid problems.

Published: Friday, June 5th, 2015 Last Modified: June 5, 2015

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