Skype Introduces New Qik Mobile App

The advent of mobile video apps has brought a number of interesting video sharing apps for users. It doesn’t always mean long videos, and ones like Snapchat just allow for a short period of shared video. On Tuesday, Skype from Microsoft got in the game, with the introduction of Qik.

Qik from Skype is a brand new app, and is one of the more revolutionary apps to come from the company. It’s more than just a normal video sharing app, and can be used from a number of mobile phones. Simple video sharing at its finest is what makes Qik a successful app from Skype.

Microsoft's Skype Launches Qik Mobile Video Sharing App

What Is Qik?

Qik is a brand new video sharing app that Skype introduced on Tuesday. It’s available from the Windows Phone Store, the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store. It’s a free app, and can be used to share video with other users with just a simple touch. It’s similar to other apps, but integrates Skype’s friend lists.

Qik tightly integrates into the Skype ecosystem, since it operates almost exactly like Skye. All a user has to do is flip down, record video, and then choose whom they want to share the video with at anytime. It’s not meant for longterm videos, but is a quick video sharing mobile app, and is a fun mobile app.

Microsoft's Skype Let Users Create Mobile Quk Fliks On The Go

Great For Groups and Fliks

One of the biggest uses for Skype’s Qik is for mobile groups. Users can create groups on the go, and send messages to them at anytime. More and more people can respond to the videos, and create a group video session with mobile users.

Additionally, Qik Fliks can be made as users can pre-record 12 short videos for when they want to respond. It’s a more professional look, and users can then delete them at anytime if they want. Qik keeps two weeks in memory, and then it goes away forever. It’s a rather interesting mobile video sharing app, and it’s trying to get attention away from Snapchat by allowing users to tie into Skype and its users for the momemtum.

I tried Qik out and its nice. I’m not a big mobile video person, but I’ll use it from time to time.

Published: Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 Last Modified: October 15, 2014

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