Skype Included With Windows 8.1

On Thursday, Microsoft released additional details on the Windows 8.1 release. The details include that Skype will be included in the release version of Windows 8.1, and will be pre-installed in the software released penned for late October.

The decision to include Skype in Windows 8.1 is a particularly interesting decision by Microsoft. If users haven’t downloaded Skype already, it will be included by Microsoft, who purchased Skype a few years ago, and is making it a great business decision.


Available After October

The blog post by Microsoft shows users that Skype will be available preinstalled in the operating system in October, and on PC’s that will be available by computer manufacturers later this year. Of course, Skype is free for users to download and use, but it should add to a flurry of new Skype users later this year with Windows 8.1.

Why Skype Is A Game Changing App

The decision to include Skype as a pre-installed program in Windows 8.1 is huge for Microsoft. It will allow users around to world to chat for free, either via text, via phone calls, or video calls. This free program will give users with new PC’s an amazing computer that can harness the power of Skype and chat with friends, business colleagues, and relatives around the world for free.

Possibly An Anti-Trust Risk

Some tech blogs have wondered whether or not this might pose another antitrust risk for Microsoft, as other chat clients aren’t included as part of Windows. Many agree though, that this shouldn’t pose any problems for Microsoft as it is a free program and isn’t enough of a risk to cause any issues in the US or globally.

The move to include Skype on Windows 8.1 pre-installed, gives Skype even more of a presence than ever before. It will be on the desktops of every Windows 8.1 machine, and will allow users to communicate for free around the globe. It’s a great move for the future of Microsoft and Skype, and gives users what they want. The newer systems, HD webcams, and faster processors will also make Skype a more needed tool to communicate in the future.

Published: Friday, August 16th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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