Skype In The Browser Goes Beta

One of the biggest complaints about Skype since its initial debut was the fact that it needed to be run via a separate app. It has been done so since the beginning, and with the evolution of technology and something called Web RTC, this may just change. On Friday, Microsoft and Skype announced a new Skype client that can be used in the browser.

The new browser based Skype will be called Skype for Web, and its a beta product with some known issues around it. What is means is that Skype will be able to be run within the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome Browser efficiently. It’s just a first start to make sure it works, but initial reports are positive so far.

Microsoft Debuts Skype For Browser BETA

Inside Skype For Web BETA

With Skype for Web, it means that users will be able to login to, and access Skype from right there, and not have to open up a separate app to do so. The evolution of Web RTC technology that allows for video and audio to be transmitted through the browser has helped Skype achieve this. For those who cannot download Skype or don’t have it, this is a perfect solution.

Users won’t have to download Skype to use this, and they just have to sign onto to start using it immediately. It is cross browser friendly, and can be used on all browsers. It means that Windows, Mac, Linux, and other users just need access to a browser and to to use it. Initial results have made it possible to use it simply and easily so far.

Microsoft Allows Users To Use Skype In The Browser Starting Soon

Available In Beta Form

The Skype for Web BETA is just in beta form for now. Users can sign into and see if they get an invite there. It’s being rolled out in small user invitations, and gradually will be rolled out to all Skype users. This will allow Skype to iron out the existing bugs, and address any issues that they receive from uses currently trying it out.

The Web RTC technology will allow users to have text, video, and voice communications with Skype in the browser form anywhere in the world. It won’t require any type of download, and will be available to users no matter where they are in the world. Skype is one of the first companies to use this technology fully, and is the first to debut it to users now.

This is great news for Skype users. Now, Skype in the Browser will be real, and available soon.

Published: Monday, November 17th, 2014 Last Modified: November 17, 2014

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