Skype Has Social Media Accounts Hacked

On Wednesday, Skype fell under attack of hackers in their social media accounts, and made huge news across the tech world. As Skype’s social media accounts that included Twitter, Facebook, and their blog, the Skype team quickly took action on New Year’s Day to fix it.

The hacking of Skype’s social media accounts was a high priority item as Skype is used throughout the world, and the social media outreach of the company is huge. Skype uses these platforms to update users on its status, and any attack of them are crucial to Skype.

Skype's Social Media Accounts Hacked On Wednesday

Who Hacked Skype?

As the Skype social media accounts were hacked, many asked who did it. It quickly came to note that the Syrian Electronic Army, or SEA did it. The message stated, “End Spying On The Public” and that was all that was posted. The SEA hacked Skype’s Twitter, Facebook Page, and blog, and showed that it meant business.

It only took minutes for Skype to regain access to their social media accounts, and deleted the hacker messages from their social media accounts. Skype stated that they were aware of being targeted, and credentials were quickly reset to help save their accounts. No user information was compromised as this hack was done.

Skype Has Facebook Page Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army Surrounding NSA Concerns

Why Was Skype Hacked?

In recent months, Skype has been under attack as a company that potentially shared information with the US National Security Agency and their surveillance programs. The documents that were uncovered showed that the NSA apparently had access to spy on Skype’s audio and video calls via backdoor access.

The political hacking message was clearly a message from the Syrian Electronic Army about Skype’s potential involvement in this matter, and their parent company Microsoft’s. Both companies have been cleared on the news in various forms, but public concerns about Skype, Microsoft, and other NSA involvement leaves questions unanswered. While the hacking didn’t take any user information for once, it clearly sends a message to Skype and Microsoft that the tech world clearly still worries about political messages and spying in the new year. Skype cleared up the mess quickly, and did so with ease.

I think this was a message and a political one. I’m not a fan of hacking, but Skype has questions to still answer on this matter, and I hope they do soon.

Published: Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 Last Modified: January 2, 2014

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