Skype Grows To Include Bots On Windows 10

Skype is seen as the major next communications platform from Microsoft, and in Windows 10, it is coming fast and furious. With each new update released, we are starting to see Skype evolve into a calling and chat tool.

Skype has long been able to make phone and video calls, but it hasn’t been integrated into the OS like this. As Skype gets stronger towards the Anniversary update from Microsoft, we are starting to see the next version of Skype evolve.

Skype Gets Phone Call and Voicemail Support In Windows 10

Phone Calls and Voicemails

With the newly released updates of Skype coming from the Windows Insider Program, we are seeing updates to Skype, that take it from a desktop app to a communications tool. It’s been majorly updated with communications as the focus.

The latest builds are showing off ways for people to call mobile and landline phones from the desktop, leave and receive voicemails, and even put calls on hold. This has never been easier from the desktop than it is with the newest version of Skype.

Skype Bots Get Supported In Newest Skype Updates On Windows 10

Bots & Chats

Along with the communications updates, Skype is starting to see updates that let you communicate with Skpye Bots. These automated conversations and partners are slowly updating, and are slowly starting to take their place on the web.

Lastly, Windows 10 Mobile users are seeing a new update coming their way, and it gives them group video calling, with up to 25 people at once. It’s been a big request from uses, but this group calling feature is slowly rolling out on Windows 10 Mobile.

If you’re getting Windows Insider Updates, try out the latest Skype. I have, and it’s slick and powerful.

Published: Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 Last Modified: July 20, 2016

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