Skype Gets New Looks With Windows 10 Anniversary Update

As Windows 10 evolves, so must the apps that go with it, and Skype is one of the major integrated apps that Microsoft sees as its messaging future. So, with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Skype got a bunch of new looks and a tighter OS integration.

Skype has long been part of the Windows 10 evolution, but its tight integration with Windows 10 as a messaging platform has been slowly evolving. The latest updates with this major update, showcase Microsoft’s future with Skype.

Skype Gets Dark Theme With Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Darker Theme

Skype has had its main look for the longest period of time, and giving it a new darker theme is something that Microsoft has been hinting about for sometime. Now, the updated Skype app has a new darker theme for users to try out.

The new darker theme is built into the new Skype app, but Skype is also letting users choose a lighter theme under the personalization section if desired. It lets users work in a darker environent easier, and is a delight to many users.

Skype Gets Integration With Windows 10 In New Updates

Tight Integration Into Windows 10

With the Skype app, users get the standard features that have been available for all. But, it now lets users chat with Windows, Apple, or Android users from the OS standpoint. It’s meant to be the main messaging app for Windows 10.

Users are able to also track conversations, search for contacts, conversate with bots, and is an amazing update to the Skype platform. It’s showing still in a preview mode for the update, and users can start using it right now.

Skype looks great with the latest update. I love the darker theme and it looks amazing.

Published: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016 Last Modified: August 3, 2016

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