Skype Gets Major Infrastructure Overhaul

Deep within the Skype blog on Friday, Skype announced major updates to their infrastructure that should make using Skype quicker, easier, and more reliable for users. As Skype will be integrated into more Microsoft devices than ever, it is imperative that Skype is upgraded, and it has.

The updates to the main core of Skype are centered on giving users better connectivity, improving registration, and account security enhancements. Updates to Skype Chats and Skype Calls were also updated as the post details, and should give Skype more reliability.

Skype Announces Upgrades To Architecture On Its Pages On Friday

Registration And Account Security

The first updates center on giving people the ability to signup for Skype with Microsoft accounts and other devices. The ability to signup with a Microsoft account gives users greater flexibility to signup for Skype from anywhere with a Microsoft account that they already have and use daily. With Xbox One rolling out, it will be important to signup from there as well.

Skype Chat Improvements

Skype is working on making synchronizing chat messages across devices as people use Skype, and they realize that it is important to do so. The next few months according to their blog will give users greater abilities to synchronize across devices with their chat sessions and help against spam and malicious messages from appearing on Skype chats.

Better Skype Calls

Lastly, Skype outlined the upgrades to calls made on Skype. They are aiming to improve Skype by relying on the cloud more vs P2P Skype calling, and integrating notifications for users on their devices. They will be using cloud notifications to improve service on Skype, and at the same time guaranty user security by storing the information on the cloud. These more behind the scenes improvements will help users access Skype from their desktops, notebooks, tablets, and mobile phones.

The latest Skype improvements are more cosmetic to some, but are huge for the advancement for Skype ahead. Skype with Microsoft will only become bigger as they roll out on more platforms and it is used more on devices around the world. The account security, chat, and calling improvements will be seen around the 1st of the year according to most, and should make the Skype experience better overall.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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