Skype Gets iPhone Update To Version 5.7

As we have followed the updates with Skype and the iPhone, Microsoft is constantly updating Skype to make sure that the iPhone Skype experience is something they will enjoy. On Thursday, Skype was updated to version 5.7, which brings a number of new features that iPhone users should enjoy with Skype.

Skype on the iPhone is a very pleasurable experience, and one that Microsoft is certain to make sure it stays that way. As its a top free app in the App Store, Skype’s constant updating shows that Microsoft is listening to iPhone users and giving them updates they want.

Microsoft Gives Users Changes In Latest Skype Update On iPhone

Photo Updates Plus Faster Load Time

One of the things that the Skype 5.7 update for the iPhone addressed, was the ability to let users save and delete photos from within a chat. This was one of the most heavily requested features from users, and makes sense. If someone sends you a photo during chat, the ability to save it, should be there. Now, it is courtesy of Skype.

The second major update to Skype on the iPhone, is the faster chat load time for the app. When users want to have a chat on their iPhone on Skype, the slowness of waiting for it to load can be troublesome. With the latest fixes, Skype now allows users to receive notifications and then opening the app without delays.

Microsoft Updates Skype On The iPhone To Version 5.7

Avatars and UI Improvements

Users with the new Skype for iPhone update will also now see all avatars for groups and people. Once a user changes platforms, they will updates as well, so the latest avatar update will be available to see. This makes sense for those on their computer, their mobile phone, their tablet, and any other Skype enabled device.

Lastly, Skype made a number of general updates to the 5.7 version of the app for the iPhone. Skype has made it easier to quickly and easily find people they want to chat with in their friends lists, and this should help with finding your friends and chatting with them on the go. It may only take a few seconds off the load, but those few seconds times hundreds can add up a lot.

Skype made a lot of good updates with this 5.7 version. iPhone is important for Skype and Microsoft, and these updates show.

Published: Saturday, November 1st, 2014 Last Modified: November 1, 2014

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