Skype Gets iOS 8 Refresh With Updates

As Skype has gotten to be a top hit across the Apple iOS world, its important that the product gets continual updates. With iOS 8 coming out this past week, on Monday, Skype came out with exciting new iOS 8 updates that many will find very nice.

The newly redone Skype for iOS 8 got a ton of new features, and updates that users of the iOS 8 platform will find very appealing. It is geared towards the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 crowd mainly, but shows off what is possible with Skype, and Microsoft’s continual updating of Apple apps as well.

Microsoft's New Skype For iOS 8 Refresh Makes iOS 8 Users Giddy With Joy

Whats New In Skype?

The new Skype for iOS 8 received a number of updates when it went live on the Apple store on Monday. Some of them are internal, some of them are external, but all of them are aimed to make the Skype experience on the new iOS 8 very interesting.

The biggest thing is the interactive notifications with Skype on iOS 8. It shows off the notifications for Skype in all new ways. Users are also able to manage calls and messages from the lock screen. Banner notifications are also able to be viewed from the notification center for users of the new iOS 8 center as well.

Microsoft Updates Skype For iOS 8

What Makes Skype For iOS 8 Fly?

The first thing that Skype users for iOS 8 will see, is a faster running app, and one that really takes advantage of the new iOS 8 platform. From visual overhauls to new notifications, the new Skype for iOS 8 is a complete change over the previous versions.

This app is one of the top 10 apps for the iPhone and iPad, and it shows why with its continual updates. Microsoft is listening to its customes, and giving user frequent updates for the iOS platform, which is new for Microsoft. Microsoft continually courts the iOS community with its apps, and Skype is one of those apps that has millions of users around the globe. These latest updates will only increase the marketshare of Skype on the iOS 8 ecosystem, and make Skype bigger than ever.

This new iOS 8 update for Skype is great. It has a ton of features that makes it just perfect.

Published: Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 Last Modified: September 30, 2014

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