Skype Gets Full Snap Support On Xbox One

Gamers and families who use the Xbox One love Skype, and the built in features of the app continue to amaze users by the day. On Tuesday, Microsoft rolled out its latest changes to Skype on the Xbox One, and now allow for full snap support for users to enjoy.

With the full snap support for Skype on the Xbox One, users can enjoy Skype while watching movies with someone, enjoy audio calls, and enjoy playing games while watching others. The newest updates are available now via the app update via the Xbox One interface.

Microsoft Updates Skype For The Xbox One

What’s Included With The Update?

With the Skype for Xbox One update, Skype doesn’t have to be the main app on the screen, which was a major problem for some users. Video and audio calls can be made using Skype on the right hand side, and users can add friends, add or remove the camera, and do anything Skype related without disrupting the left-hand experience.

With the updates, users can be watching a video, playing a game, or having group video calls all with Skype running on the right hand snapped portion of the screen. Users had been upset that Skype had to run on the left, and caused problems for users. Now, it should make it much easier to use Skype on the Xbox One.

Microsoft Shows Off Skype In Snapped Portion Of Screen On Xbox One

Other Bug Fixes Included

With the main update made to Skype on the Xbox One, Skype also issued a number of bug fixes for the app. Improved start up times and other bug fixes were introduced in Tuesday’s update, and that along with the snapped features should make Xbox One users happy with the updates.

Skype is continually growing across all Microsoft’s various platforms, and the Xbox One is gaining fan support as well. The simplicity of the app, the quick loading, the free group video calling features, and the ability to watch videos together make it a must use app on the Xbox One. As mentioned, the updates are available now when starting up the Xbox One, and will be a major improvement for Xbox One users.

Skype needed this update and got it. Xbox One fans love Skype, and now have another reason to use it more.

Published: Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 Last Modified: May 21, 2014

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