Skype For Xbox One Gets Updated

Skype has been integrated closely into almost every Microsoft platform, and most recently the Xbox One. On Friday, Skype was updated on the Xbox One platform, and this first update is sure to give users a number of new features that they will be able to use today on their Xbox One units.

The Skype platform for the Xbox One is quickly becoming one of the largest communities, and with its built in Kinect features, it has gained a huge following. But, the updates released on Friday, will help users with chats, messages, and bug updates for it.

Microsoft Updates Skype For Xbox One With Bug Fixes And Updates

Chats and Emoticons

In the first set of updates for the Skype client for the Xbox One, Skype fixed the chat abilities in the client. It is synced with other devices, and alerts you when a new message arrives. A longer chat history is available with up to 1,000 messages over for the user to read through.

Additionally, Skype also added a new set of emoticons for users to enjoy. The emoticons are featured after Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Solder, and are a fun series of emoticons for users to enjoy. The are limited-edition emoticons, and are available for a short period of time on the Xbox One.

Microsoft Gives Xbox One Users An Updated Skype Client

Contact Filtering, Tutorials & Bug Fixes

With the above fixes, Skype for the Xbox One also delivers users a way to filter through their contacts and see those who are just online for example. That will stop users from having to scroll through long lists of user lists on their Xbox One’s. For those with large contact lists, this will be a huge fix.

Lastly, Skype for the Xbox One now has a built-in tutorial for first time users, which should help new Skype and Xbox One users. Skype also put in a huge number of bug fixes, and noted that they are constantly updating the Skype app with bug updates to give users the best possible experience. This will make Skype for the Xbox One a huge hit, and continue to deliver Skype in the living room for Microsoft.

Skype for the Xbox One is a huge product. Now, it has been updated and hopefully continues to get updated in the future.

Published: Sunday, March 16th, 2014 Last Modified: March 16, 2014

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