Skype For Xbox One Gets 1.8 Update

On the Xbox One, Skype is an almost essental app, as it allows gamers, fans, and families to communicate with each other with total ease. On Friday, Microsoft issued a 1.8 update to the Skype for Xbox One app, which brought major updates to the app, to please many Xbox One users.

Microsoft and Skype has been carefully listening to user feedback, and is using this 1.8 update to help make the Snap Functionality in the product better. It has a mixture of Xbox One and photo sharing updates, and makes the app more stable via the updates made to it.

Microsoft Updates Skype For Xbox One To Version 1.8

Photo Sharing

One of the biggest updates to the Skype for Xbox One app is the ability to view photos sent from mobile phones on the Skype for Xbox One app. Now, users can share photos from their Windows Phone or iOS phones or tablets, directly to an Xbox One user on Skype. This can be done directly or via the group chat feature.

Users if sharing multiple photos can also start a slide show. This slide show will enable the user to view all the photos on their large television or monitor. This is a huge update for Skype fans and one that they have been asking for. Now, a loved one from afar can share a photo with a Xbox One Skype user with ease.

Microsoft Shows Off New Skype Snap Mode In 1.8 Update

Other Updates

In addition to the photo sharing update, users can now see friends and family more clearly when Skype is in snap mode. Skype doubled the frame rate and size of the video window as well. Additionally, users can answer a call in Snap mode using voice commands. Something like “Xbox Answer” will now answer the call while watching a video or playing a game.

Skype also updated the ability to view recent and favorite contact, and make calls directly from Skype in Snap mode. Now, they won’t have to go to the full screen mode, and can view it from the Snap mode, a huge help. Lastly, previews of messages can be viewed when Skype is snapped as well, and go to full screen to respond.

All these updates are live today. Just update Skype for the Xbox One to use them.

Published: Monday, September 8th, 2014 Last Modified: September 8, 2014

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