Skype for Xbox Could be on the Horizon, Software Engineer Job Ad Suggests

Skype Kinect Integration

Job posts point towards long-awaited integration of Skype and Xbox.

Been waiting for that Skype and Kinect crossover? It could finally be happening

Microsoft acquisition of Skype has been a long and drawn out process. We expected to see int integrated into the OS in what would be a major pull for users of the service … but nothing. Now, Microsoft job postings point towards the service finally coming to Xboxes. Soon.

The job posting is for a Software Development Engineer, based in London. The job description says Microsoft is building the “next generations” of Microsoft products, and Skype wants to hire a Software Development Engineer to “contribute to the development of our experiences on Xbox.”

Specifically, Skype is looking to hire a motivated Software Development Engineer with an “unrelenting drive or working on and solving customer-based issues.” The successful candidate will be a member of the Skype Xbox Engineering Team in London, and will have a strong technical background developing “client and/or embedded software.” The ideal candidate will love software has a “passion for writing codes that addresses real customer issues.”

The candidate will also work in a “dynamic” environment on highly visible products, participating all all steps of the product lifecycle. Finally, team in London is new and will allow people with a “great startup mentality” to fit in.

Candidates are required to have a B.S.c in Computer Science or a related field, a range of experience in Windows development, C++, C# and .Net.

Future Skype integration

Integrating Skype into Kinect seems like a no-brainer when the next Xbox releases. Kinect is built around social experience, so if Microsoft could use the technology to bring phone calls to televisions then they could be onto a winner. And if there can be cross-device Skype calls, for example between an Xbox and Windows Phone device, then Microsoft could appeal to users. Apple’s Facetime feature doesn’t have the wide consumer appeal like Skype, so Microsoft could go toe-to-toe with Apple on that front.

In terms of Windows 8, there’s been no news on how Microsoft plans to integrate the technology into its upcoming OS. The company has integrated services such as SkyDrive, which wasn’t integrated into Windows 7, so Microsoft could follow that pattern after launch with Skype.

Published: Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 Last Modified: April 22, 2012

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