Skype For Windows 8 Updated

On Tuesday, Microsoft updated the Skype app for Windows Phone 8. The list of features and updates for Skype makes the app more people focused and offers user interface or UI enhancements for users. These additions should make Windows Phone 8 users much more happier with it.

The updates made to the Skype for Windows Phone 8 app were released Tuesday, and this version 2.9 is full of fun stuff for Skype fans. The updates and feature updates allow for filtering of contacts, different layouts, and more options for the users who uses Skypea lot on their Windows Phone.


What’s New

The latest Skype new additions cover three different areas. First, it is easier to find who you are looking for, by filtering the people list to only show Skype contacts. Secondly, users can now see more favorite contacts at a glance with the new and improved layout. Lastly, there were general fixes and speed improvements made to the app.

New Features

The release of the latest 2.8 version of Skype has a bunch of features which should make users happy. These include being able to call friends and family with free Skype calls over 3G and Wifi. The ability to make free video calls to anyone on the Skype network in full HD video. Lastly, the ability to send instant messages to people on Skype as well as Messenger.

People List Filter and Home Screen

On the Skype blog, they updated the list of phone contact list updates for users. They state that they took a lot of feedback from customers to make these changes matter to customers. By being able to filter contacts and making the home screen easier to use, it makes Skype easier for customers to use and utilize on a daily basis.

The lastest Skype for Windows Phone 8, version 2.9, is available now on the Windows Phone Store. These updates should make Windows Phone 8 users more able to use Skype on a daily basis, and makes Skype a main communications app on the phone. This also shows that Skype is listening to Windows Phone 8 users, and adapting the program to their needs versus the needs of the program itself, which is good.

Published: Friday, August 9th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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