Skype For Windows 7.16 Gives More Sharing Abilities To Users

The Windows platform is what gave Skype its main jump, as Windows users have used Skype more than any other platform. Updates to the Windows app have slowly been released, and on Thursday, Skype announced an update to version 7.16 on Windows.

Skype launched version 7.16 for Windows with the idea of making content, links, and media easier to share. It’s been very popular with its mobile clients, and it makes sense to migrate it to the desktop. The update is live now to try out.

Microsoft Updates Skype For Windows With Media Toolbar

Media Toolbar

The first thing that users will notice is the new toolbar within Skype. Users can use this new media toolbar to share photos, files, video messages, contacts, and emoticons. Shortcuts to sharing options will be seen as well for users to experiment with now.

Users as they type, will see the toolbar minimize, and users can see more of what they type, which will be an improvement. Users if they want, can click on the paper clip menu, and they can expand the menu as needed.

Microsoft Gives URL Previews To Windows Skype Users In Version 7.16

URL Previews

One of the other main improvements to Skype’s version 7.16, is the inclusion of URL previews for Windows users. This has been available across its mobile platforms for sometime, and is a welcome improvement to the Windows client.

This URL preview gives users the option to see a preview of what was shared with them, and don’t have to depend on a long URL to nowhere. A video or image preview is shown, and this makes sharing easier, more fun, and a lot more interesting.

Skype 7.16 for Windows is available today. Download it today, and start sharing with friends and family today.

Published: Monday, December 7th, 2015 Last Modified: December 7, 2015

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