Skype For Web Beta Available For US and UK Users

The Skype for Outlook program just became better this past week, and Skype has been a program on the roll in the past week or so. On Friday, Microsoft made the Skype for Web Beta official for all to try, but must be in the US and UK for now. This makes Skype easier to use on the web starting today.

Users when they head to, won’t have to download the Skype app anymore, and can start using it right away. This was previously part of a very limited beta, and Skype has done enough internal testing to roll it out. It gives users real-time communications across the web srating today.

Skype For Web Launches In Beta With Easier Searching

Seamless Conversations and Easy Searching

The first thing that users will notice with the Skype for Web program, is the contacts and conversations. These load very quickly across the web interface, and load in a few second. This means that conversations can be viewed almost instantly, no matter how you login to the website for now.

Second, Skype for Web makes it easy to search. Previously, searching for people and groups on the Skype interface was clunky, and took a long time. Now, a timeline view has been introduced, and makes it a single and searchable list for users. This makes for quicker and easier conversations using Skype.

Skype For Web Gives Notifications For Users On Desktop Browser

Easier Conversations and Never Missing a Moment

Third, users can use the Skype for Web experience to always keep in touch with friends, colleagues and family. It makes the messaging, video, and phone conversations available from the desktop browser, and is available for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It does require a browser plug-in though to download.

Last, notifications have been added to the Skype for Web product, and these allow for users to never miss a instant message, audio, or video call. It works across the browser platforms, and is a great way to stay connected on the web. It will rollout worldwide in the next few weeks in more countries as well.

Skype for Web is a great product. I’ve been waiting to try it, and it works perfectly for me.

Published: Saturday, June 6th, 2015 Last Modified: June 6, 2015

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