Skype For Office Online Makes Its Debut

Over the past year, Skype has quickly integrated itself into a number of Microsoft products, and that has made Skype even more popular than ever. On Tuesday, Microsoft updated Skype for Office Online, meaning that collaborating becomes much easier, and chat experiences are built into the document.

The launch of Skype for Office Online is a great product, that Microsoft and Skype are proud to introduce. It just takes a Microsoft Account to get started, and then linking your Skype account to that Microsoft Account. The combination of these products makes Skype and Office Online work like a charm.

Microsoft Launches Skype Integration With Office Online

Skype For Office Online

Skype for Office Online has launched for Office Online Word and Office Online PowerPoint. These are two of the most popular services for Office Online, and these two products show off the power of Skype when done right. Users can start off by collaborating together on a document or presentation in seconds.

Users can also start chatting with each other inside the document with Skype. Right along the document is where Skype appears, and now group chats can keep a document in order, and allow for real-time editing to take place, versus emails and logs. This means that teams from around the world can start working together.

Microsoft Shows Off Office Online With Skype Chats On Right Side Of Screen

Experience To Improve Via Microsoft

While the online collaboration tools that Microsoft offers via Office Online aren’t new, the inclusion of Skype on the side certainly is. Microsoft knows that its new, and is actively seeking feedback to make sure it works correctly. They are taking questions in their Skype community pages, Facebook, and Twitter.

Microsoft knows that this is still relatively new in the world, and that Skype is also a newer product to work within Office Online. Certainly users will find small bugs to report, but overall the experience has been reported very positively in forums and blog posts. This is a gamechanging thing for companies and businesses for sure.

Skype and Office Online is a neat thing. Now, collaboration and real-time chats can be done instantly, and done with ease.

Published: Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 Last Modified: December 24, 2014

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