Skype For Modern Windows Get Featured Updates

Skype continues to transform itself into a must have app for all Windows devices, and with the modern Windows devices it is becoming more visual than ever. On Wednesday, Skype issued updates which will make it more useful for touch, and have visual updates as well.

Skype for modern Windows devices, like Windows RT, and touch-based Windows systems has been lacking an update, and got one on Wednesday. The updates are live now, and require Windows 8.1 or Windows RT to run them. They are live now, and should be a must have upgrade for many.

Skype Issues Updates For Windows For Modern Devices

Features Of Updated Skype

With the updated Skype app, users got a number of updated features for their Skype uses. The first includes the ability to snap Skype along other apps while running them, like surfing the web, watching videos or photos, or more. Users will also be able to chat, share files, and photos with Skype users.

Other features include the ability to make free voice and video calls, send video messages every day, call anyone if online or not, and lastly messages get delivered to the lock screen. Updates though include favorites syncing across devices, less scrolling, and a quicker and more robust Skype app for modern Windows devices.

Skype Issues Updates For Windows For Modern Devices

Why Update Skype?

This commitment that Microsoft and Skype has to modern devices like Windows RT and others, is important, and shows that Skype is a needed app for them. Some of these features were added into other Skype apps for other devices, but its time that Skype delivered them to modern devices.

With a faster loading app, tightening the space between last conversations, syncing, and cross device syncing makes it a great set of updates. Windows 8.1 devices need these types of features, and as Windows 8.1 continues to be added to numerous new devices, Skype will be one of those apps that users want and need. These are all live on the Windows Store and Windows Phone stores, and Skype is always free to call other Skype users too.

Skype for Windows 8.1 devices is a great app. It got a lot of new features, and are available now to try and use.

Published: Thursday, May 8th, 2014 Last Modified: May 8, 2014

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