Skype For Mac Goes 7.8 Plus OneDrive Updates

Microsoft was a very busy company on Thursday, with a slew of news that covered a number of its products. Some of the more interesting though, covered Skype’s update for the Mac, and OneDrive updates. A new version of Skype hits 7.8, plus OneDrive gets mobile updates for all.

As we have mentioned in previous posts, Skype for the Mac has gotten steady updates as of late, and has been vastly improved over its past sluggishness. With this update, plus OneDrive updates for mobile, Microsoft is showing how quickly it can update its apps for users.

Microsoft Updates Skype To Version 7.8

Skype Goes 7.8 On Mac

Skype was updated on Thursday, and hit version 7.8 on the Mac. It has now been updated to allow for one click to send photos, files, contacts, and video messages. The ability to paste and drag images into the input field has also been improved. Screenshots with the
Command (⌘)-Shift-Control-4 also went live.

A number of bug fixes were also made, and makes the Skype client for the Mac more stable. Improved performance when rendering animated GIFs along with an issue where chat texts were blurred when the conversation was dragged was fixed. Additionally, app crashes with the Force Track trackpad and video crashes during minimized states were fixed.

Microsoft Issues Updates To OneDrive App For Windows Phone and Android Phone/Wear Devices

OneDrive Mobile Updates Abound

OneDrive mobile apps on Thursday also got refreshed across the board. Android and Windows Phone users now get Android Wear and Cortana search integration into the product. This will make it easier to search for apps on your mobile or wearable device, and match up to the Apple Watch features.

With the updates, users can view albums, recent photos, or tagged photos on their Android Wear phones, and this will be a big update for Android Wear users. The OneDrive app will also update a photo on the watch every 30 days, and is a great way to personalize the watch, and get new photos to view monthly.

Both the Skype and OneDrive updates are live now. They are worth downloading and great updates to both apps.

Published: Saturday, May 30th, 2015 Last Modified: May 30, 2015

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