Skype For Mac Gets 7.2 Update

Skype on the Macintosh platform has gotten its updates, but for Mac users, the updates always seem to fall behind the Windows and other versions. It seems to not get the latest features, and that has angered some Mac users. On Wednesday, Microsoft pushed out version 7.2 of Skype on the Mac.

The Skype 7.2 Mac has been redesigned for the Mac, according to the blog post on Skype on Wednesday. It has been rethought over at the Skype team, and Skype has been listening to user feedback to make it a better client to use. Hopefully Mac users will notice the new update as a positive.

Microsoft Issues New Skype For Mac 7.2 Update For Mac Users

Feature and Fixed Issues

The first and newest feature in the new Skype 7.2 for Mac, is the adjusted color contrast in chat for improved readability. This will make the chat sessions in Skype so much easier to read, and has been a major complaint among Skype users on the Mac. It makes a simple solution for users, and one that users will enjoy.

Skype also went out and fixed four different published problems with Skype on the Mac as well. It fixed a crash when changing profile pictures. Second, it fixed a cash in the welcome tour when playing the test sound and going to the next page. Third, it fixed the crash when Skype was launched with the Ecamm Call Recorder 2.5.11. Lastly, it fixed the call phone number button and Send SMS button on the contact’s profile page, when not working.

Microsoft's New Skype Client Gets Bug Fixes For Mac Client

Known Issues Exist

With the new Skype 7.2 for Mac, not all has been fixed though, and Skype acknowledged this on its blog post as well. The biggest outstanding bug on this release is when high CPU usage is noted when idle on a profile page. Skype didn’t publish an update to when this would be fixed, but could come with a new release soon.

Skype is working hard to make the Mac client better, and is soliciting user feedback. They are actively looking for feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and on their Skype forums from Mac users. It appears as they have put the Skype client for Mac in the background for too long, and are fixing it for good now.

I’m glad Skype for Mac is improving. I’ve used it, and bugs are there, but are slowly being fixed by Skype and Microsoft.

Published: Thursday, November 27th, 2014 Last Modified: November 27, 2014

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