Skype For iPhone Updated To Skype 5.13

Skype for the iPhone has been a top downloaded app on the iOS platform, and works like a charm across the iPhone and iPad platforms. But, like any app it needs updates, and got some on Tuesday. Microsoft updated the Skype for iPhone app to version 5.13, and gives users preview links in chats and more.

Having the ability to preview links in chats, is a big update for users who use Skype on their iPhone on a regular basis. Now, when users get those web links, they can see exactly where the link leads, and whether or not the link is worth opening. A particularly good thing especially on mobile.

Microsoft Issues Skype Update For 5.13 Version For iPhone

iPhone Preview Web Link in Chat Update

Skype 5.13 for the iPhone got two major updates on Tuesday, and the first major one as we noted is the ability to preview links in Skype chats. When two people chat with each other, sending links previously lead to separate browser openings, and often times took people out of their chat windows and thoughts.

Now, users will be able to get an idea of what the web link is, and whether or not its relevant to their Skype conversation. If it is, the preview is shown and the user can view it on the web. If the user finds the web preview not needed right then, they can disregard the update, and view the web page at a later date.

Skype Gets Apple Watch Support With Version 5.13 Update

Apple Watch Support

With the latest iPhone update, users will get Apple Watch support for Skype as well. Users will be able to reply to conversations from their Apple Watch. Users can use their voice to text the watch, and then send a full reply. It can also support canned responses, emoticons, and other replies as well.

Users can also start conversations on the Apple Watch with the Skype update. Users can go to their favorites, and chat directly from the Apple Watch. Lastly, users can be notified of incoming calls on their Apple Watch with the update. The Apple Watch will alert the user, and the user can then accept or decline the call.

Skype 5.13 for the iPhone is a big update. If you have a Apple Watch, let us know how it works for you.

Published: Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 Last Modified: June 3, 2015

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