Skype For iPhone Gets Remastered Soon

Skype is widely used across the iPhone and users have loved the free app to communicate with loved ones around the world. But, on Monday, Microsoft announced the latest version of Skype for the iPhone, and it will come with a new look and feel that will please iPhone fans.

The latest version of Skype, the 5.0 version, is completely redone from Skype, and is geared to give iPhone users a brand new and more fluid feel to Skype. It will be available in approximately a week, and will come with a iPad redesign soon as well from Skype and Microsoft.

Skype Shows Off New Skype 5.0 Client For iPhone

Highlights Of New Redesign

With the new Skype 5.0 redesign and build for iPhone, users will see a brand new visual and designed app. Engineers at Skype have gone over very pixel, and is meant to give users a new faster, smoother, and more integrated experience than ever before. It is sure to give users a lot of joy when it gets released.

Users will see a five times speed increase in the launch time of Skype with the new version. Speed was the first thing that the designers wanted to add, and they did. Second up is a smoother interface. Smooth scrolling and transitions from screen to screen will go faster, and animations and other design pops will be noticed.

Microsoft's Old Skype Client Getting New Makeover

Integration and Smarter Skype

Additionally, Skype will now allow iPhone users to start group chat session from the hub. Users can be online or offline, and everyone who gets the message when online will be able to see the group talk. It will make a huge difference for those who use it on the go, and for those who have group talks a lot.

Lastly, Skype will allow for smarter notifications across devices. Skype has been redesigned for the iPhone to allow for syncing of notifications across PC’s, tablets, Xbox units, and more. It will match up to the Android client where it was redone, and the Windows Phone client where Skype has ruled. It will be released soon, and is always a free download from Skype.

This is a massive redesign for Skype. It will be a huge hit, and will be available soon.

Published: Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 Last Modified: June 10, 2014

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