Skype For iPhone Gets Hosted Group Audio Calls

One of the biggest pet peaves that iPhone users had about Skype on their iPhones was the inability to host group audio calls. It was possible on the desktop, but not on the iPhone. On Thursday, Skype in its version 5.4 changed that, and pleased iPhone users with the move.

Microsoft's Skype For iPhone Gets Hosted Group Audio Calls

How To Host

Now, a new call button appears in the bottom navigation bar. Once a user taps it to start the call, the call will begin. Skype 5.4 now supports up to four people on a group call, but will be expanding beyond that with future releases. The number of participants will be shown on the top bar.

A user can then tap the navigation bar to see who is on the call, and see any contacts that aren’t on the call. The host of the call will also be able to take people off the call on a whim, and do that without ending the call. This should hopefully make group audio calls on the iPhone with Skype much easier starting today.

Microsoft's Skype Makes Adding People To Group Calls A Breeze

Adding People On Call

In addition to the noted things above, the host can turn any call whether its a voice or video call into a group audio call. All the user has to do is tap the add participant button during a call, then select that person from the people list, and its done. Skype has made this process a lot easier, and makes group video and audio calls a breeze with it.

Skype is looking for user feedback via its Skype Community forums, and its iOS ideas groups as well. They are looking for users feedback on Skype and Facebook as well. It’s available starting today for the iPhone and does require iOS 7 or later to use. The free update is essential for anyone who uses the Skype client on the iPhone for group calls, and who uses Skype all the time. Grab it now, and enjoy the latest updates from Skype today.

This is a big update. Skype group calling is a desired feature which now has a home on the iPhone from Skype.

Published: Friday, September 5th, 2014 Last Modified: September 5, 2014

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