Skype For iPhone Gets 5.10 Update With URI Support

Skype for the iPhone has gotten a number of updates since the introduction of iOS 8, and with the updates seems to improve or anger users. On Monday, Microsoft issued its latest update for Skype, and iPhone users should be happy. The 5.10 update for Skype on the iPhone makes it easier to have conversations.

The major improvement for the Skype 5.10 update for the iPhone, majorly deals with updates and improvements to the dialer. These improvements will not be easily seen for users, but its functionality will be seen with apps that use it. It is live now and able to be updated today.

Microsoft Updates Skype App For iPhone With 5.10 Update

What is URI Support?

By bringing back URI support to the Skype app for the iPhone, users will now have easier access to start Skype conversations with the app. The URI support gives developers easier ways to give users ways to start calls and chats directly from the mobile app and mobile website, and doesn’t require them to build their own.

All the user has to do is tap on the Skype name or phone number, and then the URI will open the Skype app to connect to the call or message. This quicker access has been wanted from users as Skype removed it from previous versions, but brought it back with version 5.10. This will make a major improvement to the Skype app.

Microsoft Issues 5.10 Update For Skype On iPhone

Improvements & Bug Fixes

In its blog post, Skype updated that the latest version aso made improvements to the dialer overall, and users should notice them. Users can now save phone numbers that have been entered in the dial pad, and they are in the recent calls list. Users won’t have to search for phone numbers dialed, since they will appear there.

Skype with the 5.10 update has also updated the app with other bug fixes that users should see when they use it a lot. Quicker opening, better functionality, and overall improvements make this 5.10 release of Skype for the iPhone much better. Its available to download now from the Apple App Store.

Download this big update if you use Skype on the iPhone. It’s a big update, and well worth downloading.

Published: Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 Last Modified: February 10, 2015

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