Skype For Business Rolls Out To Business Users

As Microsoft has discussed in detail, the future of Microsoft Lync has been rebranded as Skype for Business. With the rebranding, Microsoft is eager to roll the product out to business users, and talked about an April timeframe. On Tuesday, the technical preview was updated and now is an April update for Office 2013.

The Skype for Business client is a major update for Microsoft, and is the launch of its rebranding for Lync to Skype. With it finally going final, business users can start to download it starting today. The Skype for Business product started on Tuesday, will full rollout expected at the end of May.

Microsoft Announces Skype For Business Launch In April Update

When Is It Arriving?

Microsoft went into the rollout and launch with this product in some detail on Tuesday. The Skype for Business client has started to rollout with the April monthly update for Office 2013 today. Additionally, users will see the full rollout of the Skype for Business Online product come to them by the end of next month.

Lync Online in Office 365 will be coming to business users over the next few weeks. Administrators will be given the chance to keep users on Lync for now, and then slowly update them to Skype for Business. This is important, as many business users need time to test it out and install it on systems.

Microsoft Replaces Lync Product With Skype For Business Starting Tuesday

From Lync to Skype For Business

The final release date for Skype for Business is a major one for Microsoft. They announced this product almost a year ago, and has gotten a lot of interest from business users and corporations, which is a great sign. While Lync has a corporate name behind it, Skype has a bigger name with over 300 million users.

As Microsoft updates the Lync Online service to Skype for Business Online, some users will want to use the older service, but will find Skype for Business a lot better. Microsoft is doing the best to keep business and IT departments in mind with these updates, and is allowing users to install it at their own pace.

Skype for Business made its first step on Tuesday. Now, it’s up to businesses to update to Skype for Business from Lync.

Published: Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 Last Modified: April 15, 2015

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