Skype For Business Readies Itself For Mobile Apps

For those who use Skype, the program has evolved from just a home communications program, to a program that is used in the enterprise. The rebranded Skype for Business replaced Lync, and Microsoft is eager to build out the mobile apps for users. On Wednesday, Microsoft started talking about the new mobile apps.

Skype For Business is the enterprise level of Skype, that replaces Lync in many environments. The ability to have mobile apps for Skype For Business is essential, and allows any users to communicate via messages, join meetings, and arrange schedules on the go. The new mobile apps should leverage the new Skype For Business for many on the go.

Microsoft Preps Users For Skype For Business Mobile Apps

New Apps For Android and iOS

Microsoft announced that Skype For Business will be getting mobile apps for Android and iOS. While these apps are in the building stages, Microsoft is looking for users to join the preview program. Microsoft is allowing companies to send names via IT administrators by August 14, 2015 to get into the preview program.

While the preview program isn’t the guaranteed way to get into the mobile app program, it will certainly help. Microsoft will have the iOS and Android apps finalized by the end of the year, and Skype For Business is a major project at Microsoft. They are eager to roll it out, but its a new program for them, especially on mobile.

Microsoft Shows Off Skype For Business For Windows Phone In Prep For iOS and Android Versions

Skype For Business Features

In talking about the mobile preview program, Microsoft talked about the upcoming features of the Skype For Business mobile apps. It will have a new navigation dashboard for contacts, calls, and meetings. It will also have updated in-call and in-meeting functionality, which will focus mainly on business meetings.

Additionally, Skype For Business mobile apps will have full screen video, contact search improvements, and a centralized and updated appointment and conversation information. All of these are guided to get more users on Skype For Business, and should be a fully featured product by the end of 2015 for businesses.

Skype For Business is huge for Microsoft and mobile. These new apps should help get companies using it, and hopefully soon.

Published: Thursday, August 13th, 2015 Last Modified: August 13, 2015

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