Skype For Business Introduced

Skype has become a product that millions and millions of people use around the globe, and has become a brand name of its own. Lync also has been a huge hit, but only within the business set of its enterprise customers. On Tuesday, Microsoft introduced a new rebranding of its new business client, and it will be called Skype For Business.

Microsoft is going to be renaming Lync as Skype for Business in the first half of 2015, and Skype for Business will be a brand new client and service release. It is aiming to give organizations and business customers, a enterprise level set of tools that they can use, while branding the Skype name in the business world as well.

Microsoft Launches Skype For Business For 2015

Skype For Business

Microsoft is using the brand name of Skype and integrating the Lync products, into one big product that businesses can use and depend upon. It is using the strengths of both products, and bringing out a powerful set of communications tools for all users to use. They are making it very familiar for both sets of users to use, and is set for roll out next year.

Microsoft in a screen capture, shows off the Skype icons for calling, adding video, and ending a call as there. Additionally, a call monitor from Skype, and more will be introduced as well. Lync features like transferring calls will be a lot easier, content sharing will be simpler, and instant messaging and video calls with Skype users on the Skype directory will be available as well.

Microsoft Gives Businesses New Skype For Business To Replace Lync and Skype Products

Built For Business

In its description, Microsoft stated that current Lync customers can update to Skype for Business on their servers with ease. No new hardware will be needed, and Office 365 implementation if existing, will make it even easier. The reliability bar and performance bar are set very high for this, and Microsoft knows that in launching the Skype for Business product.

Microsoft is the leader in communications tools for businesses, and know they can help business customers commute with the new Skype for Business product. Lync is already a huge product on the enterprise side, and Skype on the consumer side. Whether these two tools can team up into a huge enterprise product is unknown, but it is still early as the product won’t launch until next year.

Skype for Business has a lot of potential. It looks great in the images, and we shall see soon.

Published: Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 Last Modified: November 12, 2014

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