Skype For Android Updates Plus 100GB Of OneDrive For Free

As each day unrolls, Microsoft is continually making news with its desktop, tablet, and mobile apps. As its cloud platform continues to grow, it also makes tremendous headlines. On Tuesday, Microsoft issued multiple updates to Skype for Android plus is giving away 100GB of OneDrive for free.

The mobile and storage updates from Microsoft are both great for users, and give users tremendous improvements. Skype is being used on Android more than ever, and updates give it stability. Plus, with 100GB of free OneDrive storage, it will be perfect for storing photos and files.

Microsoft Updates Skype For Android Via Version 5.2

Skype Updates For Android

The biggest update for Skype on Android 5.2, is the ability to sending photos to your contacts, whether they are online or offline. This will make it easier to send photos to friends, family, or business colleagues, and it won’t depend on their status. This will enable easier photo sharing with Skype users.

Additionally, the Skype for Android app made improvements to the overall experience. The picture in picture view is now supported on phones not just tablets, chats load quicker from notifications, and call quality improvements were made, especially in low bandwidth areas. These are live in the Google Play Store.

Microsoft Gives Users 100GB Free When Signing Up For OneDrive

Free 100GB On OneDrive

Microsoft also made news on Tuesday by announcing users can get 100GB free on OneDrive when they join Bing Rewards. This promotion is good for a while, and enables users to get the 100GB of OneDrive storage for the next two years. Joining Bing Rewards is free, and gives users rewards for using Bing.

This is the easiest way to gain 100GB of cloud storage on OneDrive and just takes minutes. This easy way to cloud storage is easy to use, and Bing Rewards makes it a perfect companion. Collect credits and surf the web with Bing Rewards, and then gain free storage from OneDrive. It’s free and from Microsoft.

Skype and OneDrive got perfect updates on Tuesday. Download and try them out today.

Published: Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 Last Modified: February 11, 2015

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