Skype For Android Updated With Android Wear Support

The Android platform has been a very interetsing one for Microsoft, and Skype has become one of their best performing and updated apps there. On Tuesday, Microsoft updated Skype to version 6.4, giving Android Wear users Skype support and ways to manage communications.

Android Wear is Google’s wearables platform, and has gotten a lot of Microsoft App support so far. The latest addition of Skype to the bundle, means that Microsoft belives in Skype, and gives users another way to manage calls, respond to calls, and more.

Microsoft's Skype Gets Android Wear Support

Notifications and Communicating

The latest version of Skype for Android, includes the ability to now read new messages from friends, families, and colleagues on the Android Wear watch. This will make it easier to see if you want to reply to a message, and to respond to it without picking up the phone.

Additionally, Skype’s latest version gives users the ability to reply to messages as well from the device. Users can use voice to text to speak the reply, and then reply to the person Additionally, users can choose from pre-written responses and choose emoji’s as well

Microsoft's Skype Gives Users Reply Methods Via Android Wear

Respond To Calls and More

With calls, this is where Skype’s latest Android update gets interesting. Users can now see who is calling, decline the call, or actually answer the call using the microphone, headphones, or a wireless Bluetooth headset. It’s never been easier to answer calls.

Users while they are on a call, can additionally mute, hang up, and pause incoming calls. They can also switch to another incoming call as well. The latest version of Skype for Android is available now via the Google Play Store and worth downloading.

I love Android Wear and use it daily. Now with Skype, I can use it more often and will daily

Published: Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 Last Modified: September 30, 2015

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