Skype For Android Updated To Version 6.11

Skype for Android is an app that gets updated often, and users are always looking for new versions for it to arrive. On Thursday, Skype for Android was updated, and the newest version of Android 6.11 version, gives users a lot of features.

The newest version of Skype for Android is all about sharing and keeping track of moments that matter. That was the message that Skype discussed in their blog post about the updates, with the latest version being available today.

Microsoft Skype Update Hels Users Manage Conversations

Managing Conversions and Saving Videos

The first update with the newest version of Skype, is the ability to manage conversations held with others. The user can now long tap on a contact in the recents tab, and they can then delte, mark as read, or mute notifications.

Secondly, users are now able to save a video message sent from a friend, business colleague, or loved one. Users can just tap on it, then it gets saved into the phone’s photo gallery. This is perfect for special moments.

Microsoft Skype Gives Users Better Searching and Sharing Features

Enhanced Search and Updates

The third major update circled around enhanced searching and sharing. Users can now search for conversation content in addition to contacts and group names. Users are also able to share photos from photo galleries into Skype group conversations.

Lastly, in group chats, users can tap on images and files and forward them onto contacts. Mojis have also been upgraded and users can forward them onto others, and have them played when wanted. Skype’s latest updates are perfect for users.

The latest Skype 6.11 for Android is available today. Download it and let us know your thoughts.

Published: Friday, November 20th, 2015 Last Modified: November 20, 2015

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