Skype For Android Relaunches With Massive Redesign

If you are a Skype fan and user and use Android, the launch of the redesign of Skype on the Google Play store was a huge release for you. The complete rehaul of the software along with a total facelift, gives over 100 million Skype users a new program to use on Android.

On Monday, Skype on their Big Blog, announced the release of the newest Skype client for Android. Since Microsoft purchased Skype, it has redesigned and overhauled all of its mobile clients and putting Skype as one of the must have applications for any mobile user, and Android as its main focus.


Making Conversations First on Mobile

One of Skype’s main focuses on the relaunch of the application was to make mobile conversations first. They have done that with the new app, and came from their launch of their Windows Phone 8 app. Skype wants to give users their conversations as soon as they launch the application and let them conversate right away.

Skype Now Faster and Easier

Now, Skype is much quicker and easier to use. Less buttons, increased speed, and easy to fire out a quick message to someone. Now it is just a one tap motion to bring up a conversation and start talking right away. In addition, video, phone, and video calls are a swipe away, making Skype users much happier.

Skype Making Big Play for Mobile

The latest release by Skype for Android is the latest play by Skype to get more into the mobile front of phones. They want to be on the front screen of Android phones and be the chat application used by users on Android. By giving users a quicker app with easier to use features and a complete redesign, this should make a huge improvement to users that use Skype daily on Android.

Skype has made huge improvements to its services, products, mobile offerings, and users since purchased by Microsoft. Its integration into the Xbox One, its presence on televisions, mobile phones and computers has made it an everyday word in the general public, and not just something that geeks or nerds talk about. With over 100 million Skype users around the world, Skype is making huge movements into making Skype the premier chat and video message tool in the world.

Published: Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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