Skype For Android Gets Picture In Picture Update

As the largest marketshare of mobile phones being sold, Android is a platform that Microsoft is certainly embracing, and making its apps for continually. On Tuesday, Microsoft issued a major update to Skype for Android, and should please those looking for picture in picture support.

The picture in picture support for Android will be available for phones and tablets, and is available today from the Google Play store. The update will give advanced Skype users a great way to hold video calls with others, and is a nice update to Skype for those looking for it.

Microsoft Gives Android Major Updates For Picture In Picture Support

Skype Picture In Picture Support

The latest update for Skype on Android will allow users who go away from their conversation, to continue it on their phone or tablet. The multi picture support will be available for Android users at first and will be rolling out to other platforms in the near future. The picture in picture support on a tablet looks amazing in our tests.

Skype has to fight a number of Android IM clients on the Google Play store, and as it has, it needs to roll out updates. By giving Android the first picture in picture support, it means that more will give it a shot, and try it out. On a larger screen, having a video conversation on Skype, and doing something else too, should impress any multitasker.

Microsoft Makes Android Skype Client Shine With Latest Updates

Other Android Skype Updates

Skype also issued a number of other updates for the Android client on Tuesday. One of the first ones was the update to allow chats to load up faster, especially when opened from a notification. The phone update to picture in picture feature has been noted and is a big improvement.

Skype also will allow users to receive photos from Skype for iPhone and other new clients, meaning all Skype clients can talk nicely. Text fans wil rejoice knowing that Skype got support for formatted text formats like bold italic and strike-through. Lastly, native support for Hindi has been added as well, making Hindi speakers happy as well.

Skype for Android is live for downloading now. The updates are worth downloading and are great updates for any Android user.

Published: Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 Last Modified: November 26, 2014

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