Skype For Android Gets More Productive Phone Tools

Android users are downloading Skype by the thousands everyday, and the app constantly gets meaningful updates from Skype and the Microsoft team. Wednesday was no exception, as Skype for Android got better phone productivity tools.

The January 2016 Skype update for Android adds to the group instant messaging, group video calls, and file sharing features previously rolled out. These new features should help those who call on Skype often.

Microsoft Makes Skype More Useful With Phone Scheduling Updates

Scheduling Calls With Family & Friends

First, Skype has been updated to allow for scheduling calls with friends and family. Now, the user can tap the person to make the call with, and then tap the menu on the upper right to schedule a call for them.

Users can choose to add it to Outlook now, and can also choose another Calendar app if they choose. Users can then create the event, send it out to them, and make it a calendar event. This can be great for business calls as well.

Microsoft Adds Office File Updates To Skype For Android Users

Opening Office Docs and More

The second big update for Android users, is the ability to open Office docs, presentations, and spreadsheets directly in Skype. The file will open up directly on the mobile app, and users can view them immediately.

Users if they have the Office apps for Android can open them even quicker, or they will be prompted for them to download. The new updates are available from the Google Play Store, and are big updates to Skype.

The January 2016 updates for Skype on Android are nice. They add phone scheduling and Office updates, which will make Skype more productive than ever before.

Published: Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 Last Modified: January 27, 2016

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