Skype For Android 4.7 Released To Solve Battery Woes

Major users of Android in the past few weeks have noticed decreased battery life while using KitKat, and Google in a post stated that Skype was the culprit. On Tuesday, Microsoft’s Skype unit released an updated app for Android users which should help them.

The update was made to give Android users a way to continue to use Skype on their phones while using the updated KitKat operating system. Google in a blog post announced that the prior version of Skype was causing battery drain concerns, and now hopefully these woes will dissipate.

Microsoft's Skype Issues Update For Android Users With KitKat

What’s Inside Skype 4.7 For Android?

The biggest update that Android users will find with the Skype 4.7 release is battery savings, and Skype admits that in its updated blog post. Skype stated that this update was a particularly tough update for them, and they are continuing to update the app and find fixes that all users will be able to use.

What Skype did was turn off instant notification messages in group chats, and this in particular is what was causing problems with the Android update. Skype admitted that they are continuing to work on this problem, and have put in a special update in the setting for users if they really need this feature. Users can go to Settings > Notifications > check the “Sync group messages in the background” box.

Skype Gets Update To Version 4.7 For Android From Microsoft

Other Skype Fixes In Version 4.7 For Android

The group notification center was a major fix for this update in the world of Skype, but they did fix other things as well. They included a workaround for the runaway process in KitKat that caused camera syncing in the background. This was another noticeable bug that KitKat fans had while using previous versions of Skype.

Skype also patched audio and calling options for tablets that do not have Bluetooth. lastly, Skype will now list your Windows Live Messenger contacts in Skype, and not only in the All Contacts view according to the bug list fix release notes. All of these features should make Skype more reliable and workable for Android users, and in particular, for the ones using KitKat.

This was a major update for Skype on Android. Google called them out, and Skype fixed it quickly, and now hopefully should give users their Skype back.

Published: Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 Last Modified: March 19, 2014

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