Skype Fix: Multi Device Support And Phone Syncing

Many users of Skype have had issues with Windows 8.1 and the integration that Skype has with the Windows system.

But, an interview published on Monday revealed that Skype and Microsoft are working on the problems, and giving users brand new ways to use Skype in the months ahead.

In its interview on Monday, Skype product manager Jeff Kunins talked about the problems that Skype has with the Microsoft ecosystem, but is working hard to help multiple devices use Skype easier and faster. This has been an issue with Windows Phones and other Windows devices.

Skype Updates Discussed During Monday Interview

Multiple Device Support

One of the many current problems with Skype on multiple Windows devices, such as a Windows Phone and Windows PC, is the ability to see when a message is read or not. The Skype program doesn’t sync across devices, and leaves those who use these types of users who multi platform across devices wondering about the direction of Skype.

Skype on Monday talked about how they are updating apps to utilize the cloud, and help sync messages across multiple devices. The sync support will enable users to sync across all Skype devices, and give users the ability to see messages read on their tablets, PC’s, phones, and more. The update is still in the final stages, and users should see it roll out pretty soon.

Skype Getting Mobile Updates Next Year On Windows Phone

Better Phone Syncing and Notifications

Some of the other Skype news on Monday circled around how Microsoft and Skype is helping users with their devices ringing on multiple devices. Users who use Skype on multiple devices often may pick up a call on Skype on one device, and have it continue to ring on the other. Skype noted that this is a hard fix, but is working on it for a released fix.

Lastly, Skype news on Monday mentioned load times and fixes of Skype Video Messaging. Skype is helping Windows Phone users out next year with quicker load times on their phones, and look forward to a fix next year. In addition, Skype acknowledged issues surrounding Windows Phone video support lagged over other phones, and admitted they need to do a better job at this.

I use Skype daily and hope it gets fixed. On my Lumia 1020 and Surface it rings whenever a call comes in, and I look forward to Skype fixes sooner than later.

Published: Thursday, November 28th, 2013 Last Modified: November 28, 2013

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