Skype Easter Egg Hunt Reveals Gifts For Hunters

Skype is a piece of software that is currently available across a number of Microsoft platforms, and is used by an increasingly larger number of people. On Thursday, Microsoft announced a Great Easter Egg Hunt, with gifts and prizes available for those who win.

This is definitely a holiday themed event by Skype, and is aimed to get those who use Skype often, to use it more. It’s a fun event that is happening on the Skype program through April 21, and lets users explore Skype and its social media products for prize fun.

Skype Announces Holiday Themed Great Skype Easter Egg Hunt

Great Skype Easter Egg Hunt

The event is titled the Great Skype Easter Egg Hunt, and users can win an Xbox One and Surface Pro 2, so its very worth it to try it out. The Easter Bunny has hidden five different eggmoticons, or eggs with cute faces across Skype’s social media pages. Once users find these eggmoticons, they are encouraged to gather them for prizes.

The eggmoticons will be found on Skype’s Facebook page, Skype’s Twitter, at @Skypemoments Twitter account, Instagram, and YouTube pages. Users will need to find all five of these items, and then sign into Skype, add a contact, search for Skype Easter Basket, and then IM the matching emoticons to that Skype Easter Basket account.

Skype Reveals Holiday Content To Promote Social Media Accounts With Free Prizes To Award

Great Prizes For Winners From Skype

Users who win this contest are able to win great prizes from Microsoft and Skype. Microsoft is giving away an Xbox One, Surface Pro 2, and Skype will even immortalize a winner as their own emoticon. All of these valuable prizes make it very worthwhile for users to try and hunt for the eggmoticon on Skype, and win great prizes.

This is definitely a social media contest from Microsoft, but it also helps promote Microsoft across its social media profiles. Most Skype users aren’t aware of the various Skype profiles, and this will help get them to view them, read them, and to interact with the Skype team in this manner. The Skype Play Blog also details a great way to use the whole family for the hunt, and the Skype Big Blog details even more.

This is a fun and holiday themed event from Microsoft. It’s a free way to earn great prizes, and makes Microsoft the true Easter Bunny Prize giver.

Published: Friday, April 18th, 2014 Last Modified: April 18, 2014

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