Skype Discontinuing Support For Windows Phone 7

In a post on the Skype Garage and Updates blog on Friday, Skype announced that they will be cutting support and development for Windows Phone 7 devices.

The move forward to focus directly on Windows Phone 8 is focusing on the future of Windows Phone and not the past. In its blog post, Skype angered some Windows Phone 7 fans, but realized that their further mobile customers are its ideal focus. Those who use Windows Phone 7 will need to use the legacy Skype app on their phones and/or look for additional options on their phones.

Skype Ends Support and Updates For Windows Phone 7 App

Skype Building On Windows Platforms

Throughout their blog post, Skype focused their plans based on what they have done for Windows and their online components. With the Snap on Windows 8, group calling on the Xbox One, or the chat for, Skype pointed readers and users to what it has done to help make Windows better for users.

No Further Updates To Windows 7

The decision to not update Skype for Windows Phone 7 will still be able to be download by users, but no longer supported for future updates by Skype. Users will still be able to use the video calling, voice calls, and chat options, but shouldn’t look for any future updates to the app. Skype users for Windows Phone 7 are pointed to the Skype Community pages and support has been mixed there.

Skype Built For Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

The announcement by Skype clearly shows that it is building for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, the Xbox One, and other devices. They are not looking back at legacy technology as they see Windows 7, but is odd as Windows Phone 7 still has a large user base. They want users to upgrade their phones or update operating systems with this move.

With this decision, Skype is forging ahead and not looking back. They want to build high quality apps that are tightly integrated with Windows and by giving up on Windows Phone 7, they can do this quickly and easily. This move might upset many who use Windows Phone 7, but Windows Phone 8 offers users a higher quality experience, and might want to upgrade to that anyways.

Published: Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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