Skype Chat Notifications Get Major Overhaul

One of the biggest complaints about Skype in recent times, has been the inability to get all your Skype chat notifications in one place. On Wednesday, Skype issued a major update to its Skype Chat notifications for mobile devices, which will drastically help mobile users immediately.

The major item of upgrade for the Skype Chat notification overhaul, was to give mobile users the ability to get Skype notifications on the device they are currently using. The newest updates will give them that ability, and not have them overflow to other devices as well.

Microsoft's Skype Announces Updates To Skype Chat Notifications

How New Chat Notifications Work

The way that Skype described it in their major blog post, was that when a user sends a Skype message from their tablet to others, it only sends new notifications to their tablet device. This will make it so if they send it from their phone, that the phone only rings as well, which will be a huge help.

When a users stops using Skype on any device, all the devices will then get the notifications to make them aware of the chat notification. When a user then picks up one of the devices to respond, the notifications will end on those other devices as well. The call notifications go where you want it to.

Microsoft's Skype Shows Users New Ways To Get Chat Notifications On Mobile Devices

Rolling Out Slowly

While the news about the Skype Chat notifications was huge for Skype mobile users, Skype did state that the enhancements would roll out over the next few weeks. Users should notice it soon, and Skype is encouraging users to update to the latest version of Skype to ensure that they are updated for the notification upgrade.

Skype is updating it across all their mobile apps, from the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone versions, and for all tablets as well. Skype is encouraging users for feedback as well, and wants to hear the positives and negatives on the upgrade. This is all part of Skype’s major upgrade for mobile users, and as Skype finds more and more users using Skype on phones and tablets, needs to make sure they use Skype without hiccups. These frequent updates are making users use Skype, and giving them reason to use it daily.

I checked my updates, but haven’t seen it yet. This should be a big update for Skype, and one I want to see soon.

Published: Thursday, August 21st, 2014 Last Modified: August 21, 2014

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