Skype Celebrates Huge Numbers on Decade of Anniversary

In a blog post on Thursday, Skype released amazing numbers for its 10th anniversary. The staggering numbers released by the company show what a huge force that Skype has become in the world, and how many people use and depend on the Microsoft owned company.

The company, formed by Niklas Zennstrom and janus Friis, has been used by over 300 million people around the world. The company started as a smaller company, and has grown to users in most countries around the world, and has become a stable for those communicating on the web today.


1.4 Trillion Minutes Of Voice and Video Calls

The first huge number released by Skype shows that over 1.4 trillion minutes of video and voice calling have been made by users on Skype in its 10 year history. They equate that to 2.6 million years of conversations over the 10 year period, which is astounding for a service that is used all over the globe.

Calls Made All Over The World

Some geographic statistics released by Skype show that calls have been made to all points of the world. From Antarctica, to the top of Mount Everest, to refugee camps, and orangoutangs enjoying video calls, people from all over the globe use the service.

Behaviors Of Skype Usage

Skype also released some behaviors of people who use Skype. From transforming globe education opportunities, working out anywhere, video saying, to acing the potential job interview, all of these activities and more utilize Skype.

Other Stats On Skype

Skype WiFi for example has over 2 million hotspots around the world. With 1.4 trillion minutes used, the Skype call would have started 2.6 million years ago, back to the ages of dinosaurs and more. Users will be getting 30 minutes of free Skype Wifi be registering on Skype and they can use it for the month of September.

Skype has shown over 10 years that is has become an essential Internet tool, and Microsoft by purchasing the company, made a great decision to expand it beyond the globe, into game consoles, and in Windows 8.1 machines around the world in the next years. Who knows what the future holds for Skype.

Published: Saturday, August 31st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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