Skype calls to and from your Microsoft Outlook e-mail account

Skype Calls From Outlook Account_ll Microsoft has begun rolling out their latest upgrade to Outlook. In the coming days a preview version of that incorporates Skype will be available for those in the United Kingdom with a release in the United States and Germany to follow soon after.

Microsoft and Skype team up

Skype is one of the most recognised and used online communication platform and Microsoft will be hoping that its incorporation into their Outlook system will greatly increase its usability and functionality. Email has been a pillar in online communication since the very birth of the internet but in recent time’s video and online communication through platforms such as Skype have seen a surge in popularity due to the wide-spread availability of high-speed broadband to home users.

Make video calls from your Outlook account

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The preview version of Skype for will allow one to make audio and video calls straight from their is a free personal email from Microsoft that became the fastest growing email service in history by attracting 60 million users in the first 6 months of inception.

Microsoft will hope that this Skype rollout will thoroughly modernise the way people view e-mail platforms and hope to place as one-stop shop for all online communication needs. Features such as e-mail, calling, video calling and instant messaging will become a staple with this new service allowing you to interconnect your contact lists from one hub.

Installing Skype to your account requires you to download a plugin and simply add your Skype account to your Microsoft account. Those with existing Skype accounts will have to follow a few simple additional steps in order to merge both accounts.

Once completed you will be able to click on the Skype audio or video click buttons when you’re reading a contacts e-mail or instant message!

Microsoft-Skype partnerships promises to be worth the wait!

With the preview rollout occurring over the next few weeks there is a planned worldwide rollout for the summer. By then Skype video calling to and from your Outlook inbox should be fully optimized. Microsoft are promising that those who cannot yet experience Skype video calling through their Outlook account that it will be “worth the wait”.

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Published: Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 Last Modified: May 4, 2013

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